Majnun's Lost Memoirs

by Baraka Blue

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Welcome your self to "Majnun’s Lost Memoirs," the follow up to Baraka Blue’s debut album "Sound Heart." On his sophomore effort, Baraka Blue reunites with DJ Anas Canon & Fred Nilsson to craft the multi-dimensional soundscape where Majnun lyrically dies in his madness. Majnun’s Lost Memoirs is the diary of a madman torn from his beloved homeland and forced into exile in an industrialized, mechanical, dystopian, Babylon concrete profanatory.

A collection of musical memories, poetic yearnings, and reflections on maneuvering through the veils of separation, Majnun’s Lost Memoirs have finally been unearthed and presented for your perceptive experience . . . enter the immersive environment.


released November 22, 2011

Lyrics by Baraka Blue

All Songs Arranged, Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by Anas Canon for Remarkable Current.

Album cover photo by Mustafa Davis -

Album cover design by Hanane Korchie



all rights reserved


Remarkable Current Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Hidden Treasure
Its possessed by the unlettered, and by the learn-ed

we are not its passive instruments, we are its servants

its our Gils, its our Marvins, it is our Curtis,

its our Mevlanas, and our Hafizs, it wrote their verses

it’s the perfectly patient, the absolutely urgent

it’s the last call, last supper, it’s the last sermon

it’s the glass slipper, the transforming kiss

puckered with closed eyes, alchemy on her lips

(Chorus) -It’s the hidden treasure, longing to be known

its the reed flute, listen to how it moans

its your outward form, woven in your complexion

its your highest self, its your inner essence

its in the hand of the bartender, she pouring sips

its the tavern of ruin that where her love drips

and the absence of it, is the only thing its not,

it’s the whole ocean, in a single drop


Its flowing through your veins, and your swimming in it

its what brought you to life, and your living in it

it’s the inner secret, it’s the whole purpose

all the wealth in the world, without it: worthless

it’s the most fulfilling, it’s the highest value

I think that’s why I met you, to remember how to

in the name of love, we war and we hold straps

but love eventually, forgives even that.


it’s the hidden treasure, longing to be known

it’s the reed flute, crying bout coming home

it’s the first drumbeat, and the griots poem

it’s the two turntables and the microphone

its beyond anything you could say about it

every person in the world, they know they want it

and the absence of it, is the only thing its not

it’s the whole ocean, in a single drop
Track Name: Stay Original
I came up in the united states- and trying to break
dance- throwin records on plates- diggin in crates
and im spinnin till the needle would scrape- and it would would break
then im creepin with my homeboys late- and sprayin paint-
up until we seen the light of the jakes and we gotta shake-
back then it was just to be great- not for papes
but real talk at all those things i was weak- it just wasn’t me-
'til my brother put his mouth to a beat- and I would speak
everybody just jumped on their feet- the crowd was geeked-
and i know what they hear and they see- they seeing me-
put my soul in it- just like a key- it’s set free
All my people from the oak to the sea, now feel me

dont let em change who you are- stay original-
real recognize real- spirit and physical
no body can take your place- you are original
breath of the source of it all oh yes- it lives in you

what gift u been given- you supposed to share with this galaxy-
take ur natural talents- and practice- till you reach mastery-
diversity of beautiful tribes- the human family
Everybody will teach you, either how not to, or how to be
but u gotta hustle to actualize your potential talents-
cuz struggle is the key- you see nothing comes automatic-
if the judge would have never sentenced Malcolm and slammed the mallet-
then you never would’ve heard about the bullet or the ballet-
fire melt the base metals, make something precious out it
word to the caterpillar- out the cocoon with wings flappin-
dormant in you is the breath of Allah- from your father Adam-
but it only surfaces with the discipline and action-

dont let em change who you are- stay original-
real gon recognize real- spirit and physical
no body can take your place- you are original
breath of the source of it all oh yes- it lives in you

unique as your fingerprint- thats why they inkin it- cuz aint nobody got what u got- so now we bringing it-
but don’t be satisfied with sitting pacified- because you blind until you see the world through the masters eye
natural mystic, soul rebel, baby catch a fire,
let it burn everything that’s inside till u inspired-
don’t base your worth on any one or thing that is outside of you-
breath of divinity inside of you- man they lied to do-
no priest or intermediary- between the Most High and you
if you apply the truth-He will provide- until you die to you-
you know the feeling when you tapped into something greater-
like the divine dj just crossed the fader

dont let em change who you are- stay original-
real gon recognize real- spirit and physical
no body can take your place- you are original
Breathe of the source of it all oh yes- it lives in you
Track Name: Purple Eyelids
Purple eyelids: everything love
You make it what you is
if you make it what you does;
You make it what you do
If you make it what you love
So it's purple eyelids: everything love.
Track Name: Life Without You (Feat. Anas Canon)
Verse I:

This house of mirrors
got me deep in the zone
you know how I feel
Nina Simone
dig inside your chest
and unearth apocryphal poems
evil is what we do that makes you leave us alone
cuz life is gifted
every time we breath is a loan
you just want beef?
come on sink your teeth in the bone
and such the marrow out
now tell me what is it you care about?
Mosesing my ego
I'm still trying to get the Pharaoh out
and if they ask about my whereabouts
I'm writing in the sands of foreign lands
like West African marabouts
to remember my original tongue
but now I'm stuck in this Babylon
under digital suns
born into the tent
and like the rivers we run
but the air is too polluted
for my physical lungs
so I inhale through my heart
and beat the rhythm it drums
and turn with every cell in my body
to the Infinite One


It’s so hard
living life without you
Habibi, uhibuka fi’llah
(Beloved, I love you in God i.e. “for God’s sake”) x2

Verse II:

It's so hard
but these painful emotions
are closer to true love
than ecstatic devotion
it's hand-to-hand combat
the blood, as it's soaking
there’s no telling if it's of me
or of my opponent
until I'm unblinded
and reminded I am my opponent
then duality dies and I'm not fighting
I'm floating
I'm not dueling
I'm dancing
it’s stillness in motion
whirling me open like the Milky Way
galaxies, oceans
as I'm sworn into existence
membership for the moment
in the embers of remembrance
smoldering, smoking
to be present in your presence
absent in your essence
they said I should just forget you
I could never be chosen
and we could never be together
they said it'd just be better
if I finally would let you go
and forget you forever
transformed, as all is perishing
except your face
into a continent of parched tongues
that yearns for a taste

Verse III:

Like I could die before I die
and just let you inside
so you can witness yourself
as I see through my eyes
if I could die before I die
and let you inside
so you can be the one
who sees through my eyes
If u don't count yourself amongst the deceased
word for the wise
count yourself amongst the deceived
I feel too alive
the letter killeth
and the spirit giveth life,
so I'm murdered and resurrected
every word I recite
I pray that you get this letter
and that when it arrives
there’s still time to revive me
to subsist in your eyes
pure longing
pulled like the moon on the tide
on the shore of transcendence
I’m watching you shine
as each drop in the ocean
connects and it binds
and calms
to reveal your reflection
I'm blind
as all is absent in your essence
and present in your presence
all is perishing except your face
I step and I dive