Life Without You (Feat. Anas Canon)

from by Baraka Blue

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In this chapter of the Lost Memoirs, Majnun confesses that an all-consuming love has rendered rational thought mute and torn him into a world in which the beloved is all. Although unable to reunite with the beloved, the universe has become an expanse of innumerable mirrors, which at every moment reflect her face from new angles. Woven together indistinguishably are the ecstasy of contemplating the beloved and the pain of separation from her lips. The tension of love builds until ultimately the lover finds his own self-awareness to be but a veil.


Verse I:

This house of mirrors
got me deep in the zone
you know how I feel
Nina Simone
dig inside your chest
and unearth apocryphal poems
evil is what we do that makes you leave us alone
cuz life is gifted
every time we breath is a loan
you just want beef?
come on sink your teeth in the bone
and such the marrow out
now tell me what is it you care about?
Mosesing my ego
I'm still trying to get the Pharaoh out
and if they ask about my whereabouts
I'm writing in the sands of foreign lands
like West African marabouts
to remember my original tongue
but now I'm stuck in this Babylon
under digital suns
born into the tent
and like the rivers we run
but the air is too polluted
for my physical lungs
so I inhale through my heart
and beat the rhythm it drums
and turn with every cell in my body
to the Infinite One


It’s so hard
living life without you
Habibi, uhibuka fi’llah
(Beloved, I love you in God i.e. “for God’s sake”) x2

Verse II:

It's so hard
but these painful emotions
are closer to true love
than ecstatic devotion
it's hand-to-hand combat
the blood, as it's soaking
there’s no telling if it's of me
or of my opponent
until I'm unblinded
and reminded I am my opponent
then duality dies and I'm not fighting
I'm floating
I'm not dueling
I'm dancing
it’s stillness in motion
whirling me open like the Milky Way
galaxies, oceans
as I'm sworn into existence
membership for the moment
in the embers of remembrance
smoldering, smoking
to be present in your presence
absent in your essence
they said I should just forget you
I could never be chosen
and we could never be together
they said it'd just be better
if I finally would let you go
and forget you forever
transformed, as all is perishing
except your face
into a continent of parched tongues
that yearns for a taste

Verse III:

Like I could die before I die
and just let you inside
so you can witness yourself
as I see through my eyes
if I could die before I die
and let you inside
so you can be the one
who sees through my eyes
If u don't count yourself amongst the deceased
word for the wise
count yourself amongst the deceived
I feel too alive
the letter killeth
and the spirit giveth life,
so I'm murdered and resurrected
every word I recite
I pray that you get this letter
and that when it arrives
there’s still time to revive me
to subsist in your eyes
pure longing
pulled like the moon on the tide
on the shore of transcendence
I’m watching you shine
as each drop in the ocean
connects and it binds
and calms
to reveal your reflection
I'm blind
as all is absent in your essence
and present in your presence
all is perishing except your face
I step and I dive


from Majnun's Lost Memoirs, track released November 13, 2012
Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Anas Canon for Remarkable Current.
Music Written by Anas Canon.
All Music by Anas Canon and Fred Nilsson.
Lyrics by Baraka Blue and Anas Canon.



all rights reserved


Remarkable Current Los Angeles, California

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