The Sounds of Making Love

by The KAJ

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The KAJ; noun. (sounds like "cash") 1. A soulful and funky Los Angeles based music group. 2. Acronym for the founding members of The KAJ, Kumasi Simmons, Anas Canon and Joel Van Dijk 3. Music for the heart, soul, and movement of the feet and/or hips. Synonyms SEE Neo-Doo-Wop, The Kajuals, Kajifornia

Vintage appeal and modern feel; The KAJ busts onto the scene with a fresh take on that classic hifi sound of rhythm and blues infused with the beats, rhymes and poetry of hip hop with an extra emphasis on L.O.V.E. Founded by previous collaborators, producer and founder of the record label Remarkable Current, producer Anas Canon and rhymesayer Kumasi Simmons joined force with the addition of producer/multi-instrumentalist dynamo Joel Van Dijk. Their current 3-track EP preview 'The Sounds of Making Love" features the foot shuffling danceable and funky "Somebody Move, and Nobody Gets Hurt" as well as the beautiful and soothing ode "L.O.V.E." and the feel good vibes of "We Gon' Groove." The EP is merely a preview of what is to come from this wundergroup and features appearances from guests M. Spivey and Bridget Barkan on vocal duties.

All accomplishments aside, in our current world situation, The KAJ strives to promote peace and L.O.V.E. through the universal language of music. Through diplomacy and feel good vibes, The KAJ seeks to uplift the wind in your sail with the swiftness of a stylish fox, ya dig?

The K.A.J. players:

Kumasi Simmons (a.k.a Karniverous B. Hawkins) is the voice, the poet, the front, the OG, and the "character" Kumasi is is an accomplished lyricist from Compton, KAJifornia has released multiple solo efforts, and collaborated with industry heavyweights such as Kanye West, Adam Levine, The Game, and Mos Def. Kumasi rose out of the streets and the grime of the ghetto, dusted off his shoulders and kept shining. He's got big hair and might ask you "What's your ethnicity?" in a random encounter.

Anas Canon (a.k.a. Armando Sharpear) the director, the DJ, the audiophile, the style, the renaissance man. As a producer and DJ he has worked with the likes of The Black Eyed Peas, Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco, Talib Kweli, Common, Zion I, and others. Anas is firmly committed to advancing social awareness and promoting diversity through art. Anas has been published in the Washington Post and, as well as interviewed by countless newspapers, magazines and media outlets including PBS, BBC and MTV. He's kindof a big deal, just google it.

Joel Van Dijk (a.k.a JJ Sweetfingers) the composer, the multi-instrumentalist, singer, producer and general studio rat. Joel is currently musical director and guitarist for international recording artist Aloe Blacc & The Grand Scheme. He has toured around the world and performed on numerous TV shows and radio including BBC, The Conan O'Brien Show, Jules Holland, Canal + and more. Joel has released solo efforts as well as appeared on numerous records with the likes of Aloe Blacc, Outasight, Slimkid3 of The Pharcyde and more. He's got pretty sweet fingers.


released May 3, 2011

All Music Joel Van Dijk and Anas Canon.

Vocals by Kumasi Simmons, Anas Canon, Joel Van Dijk, Michael A. Spivey & Bridget Barkan.

Lyrics by Kumasi Simmons, Anas Canon, Joel Van Dijk, and Michael A. Spivey.

Produced and arranged by Anas Canon and Joel Van Dijk.

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Anas Canon for Remarkable Current.




all rights reserved


Remarkable Current Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: L.O.V.E.
Imagine LIFE without Love
That would be Crazy!
Who would save the babies?
Who would make the babies?
My SOUL is LOVE with a place beyond space
Pretty as the FACE of the Earth, birthplace of ANGELS
Whose smile is a RAINBOW
And Blood flow is the ocean
Doors are wide open and everyone's welcome
1st time I fell in LOVE was the 1st time I felt some
Deeper than the surface
The seeker of it's purpose is often a SERVANT
LOVE has no opposite, nor a proper fit
LOVE just is, the mind tries to accomplish it
The HEART has a lot of IT
and GOD! has all of it
see GOD! loves even those who don't love GOD!
Even if you don't believe you still get the sunshine...

((LOVE is KIND))


Heaven Hi, Hellooo L.O.V.E.
It's easy to see the Wisdom in 3D
It flows beneath the east
As the Rain is LOVED by the SEAS
While the wind runs by the trees
And hardship is conquered by EASE
AND the concept of PEACE
SUNRAYS racing to the faces of the of the MOST kind
Here's a lil dose of LOVE just to make the SOUL shine


((LOVES never WRONG))

It ALL started off with LOVE
The most popular
LOVE the DOCTOR of nothing is impossible
A lil LOVE that's enough
To bring the bring the spring season,
And keep the seas even,
Keep the trees breathing,
Keep the bees singing
LOVE is the reason
The SUN is beam
That LIFE is pleasing
LOVE is the meaning of GOD!

((LOVE stands TALL))

((LOVE Conquers ALL))

...right :)
Track Name: SomeBody Move
Delectable, Pretty everything
I'm on the dance floor searching for a wedding ring
Sensual smile, Loving ur style
Full of class now, But bet you can Go wild?
You got a good job I'm seeing what u working with,
I’m not a killer, but Baby I promise ima murder it.
Make Ya’ feel like- You ran-a two mile quick,
I’ll wear that out like a new out fit - Come on!

Girl lemme see you move those feet     
Your hips are hypnotizing me
That sparkle in your eyes, tells me
It's my lucky night. -
We'll take a trip to the moon without leaving the dance floor.

Even when u standing, It's out standing, - I’d GO to work on you for free
The way you're dancing, is Enchanting, I can feel your energy.
Lil Mama, you got me burning up, -Pour all ur loving on me Toniiiiiiight

I never miss out, on a brick house,
And ima keep it up till you lemme kiss that Big Smile
You been in Love but never been loved before
I'll make you wanna take a break like a b boy
That GRUNT, nothing to mess with
And Your Slide Electric
You got curves like the Capitol letter B,
My only competition, is a better me

There's parts of you I'm dying to know
And we've both felt our passions grow
Our rocket ship's outside,  Let's Go
It's your lucky night -
I'm gonna show you stars without leaving the bedroom.

So Come on gurl, whatcha waiting for, you know you never met man like me before.
III want you/ More than this night/ There's Sumpthin' bout your soul that feels so right
I'm drowning/ don’t save me, Lemme swim inside your sea Toniiiiiight
Track Name: Sounds of Making Love
Pretty mami, you a hottie,
In the fast lane, kumaserati
Then we slow it down to the Isley's
Girl you are fine as a dime high-five me
We just snuggling, we just jiving
We just cuddling, we just vibing
Excuse me come again we're just climbing
Why go out, we can dine in
Woman you are coal as a diamond
Body is perfect like timing
I love the way you glow you shining
Whatever you want to do, I'm in
Cus you fine as a Mickey Fickey
I know beauty trust me I'm pretty picky
You miss me,
Come kiss me,
Hold you tight all knight like a grizzly

She got that good love
I can't get enough
every time I'm in the mood I got a hit her up
She got junk in her trunk like a pick up truck
Today I just wanna *@&!, I'm sort of sick of love
I'm a stud, in a cold world
You better work that...
GO girl
I can make you hum like a Harley
Take you to the edge of the bed, parlay
I love the way you BOB... Marley
My life kinda feels like a party
And I'm showing up tardy
Make you being it back like gnarly
I'm just playing, go head carry on Stop running girl, this ain't a marathon
every wall in the hall Imma tear it down
Work the middle like Varejao

She call me Sugar Ray
I make her walk it out
Did I knock it out
She be like Pacquiao!
Yeah, you know what it is
I'm Bruce Lee in the Holyfield
He dashes, he slashes,
I'm the fastest, just like Cassius
Masi! Buma ye!
When it comes to making love I do not play
Anytime you need love, I'm on my way
Even if I got a lot on my plate
Just text me, page me,
Drive me crazy
The love you gave, me is so special, lady
I can't wait to do it again
From beginning to end
My wife, lover and friend