The Best of the Beyond

by Creme De La Ultra

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Remarkable Current Presents... Creme De La Ultra - 'The Best of the Beyond'. A creative collaboration between two men who made one rule before constructing these compositions... The Rule - There are no rules.


released March 1, 2011

Lyrics by Azeem and Anas Canon. All Music by Anas Canon for Remarkable Current



all rights reserved


Remarkable Current Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: DMT
At the Death Star party with a counterfiet pass, There some girls here from Venus and they all wanna dance. DMT, Doing My Thing, DMT, Doing My Thing.
Track Name: Strange Love
They Don't understand what I'm doing, I gotta Prove It
This isn't a demo my dude, it's not a Movie, 
the way we move it is unruly, my duty- 
<< Is-To - Hit- U- With- This -Music>>>

You could say i'm clockin the track
timing improving
Diamond on a Line and I'm shining
Ain't nothin to this,

Smackin' and Abusin' the Track
John Belushi 
This Is That -Creme De La ULTRA type Music!


Now this is for all of my Humans
who are in tune with
Affecting the mental liberation for Revolution
making the Youth entrepreneurs instead of Shooters
Rude Boy Johnnies or Tommy the Goon Goonstaz'

 In every city its no illusion,
Tellin me the devil didn't deceive and seduce us?
No loner trickin us, we know what the truth is
Bigger than hand signs and colors-
 It's a Movement!

Like my people doing Graffitti
creating Blue Prints
Painting "pieces" on everything- That isn't movin'
The city was lookin kinda dreary so we improved it
Doze Green, Nomzee- We Salute Them
Truth is killing all they Fictions and Illusions
We don't wanna hear your statistics is Confusing 
They say My City Filled with Pimps, Drugs, and Uzi's
Politicians Claiming Solutions but neva Do Sh** 


Now ever since I was a Youth, I was creative
Failed math Class because of my imagination
a day dreamer. With a lot of aspirations,
Speak another language, My Parents is Jamaican

Shout out to my New Orle~ans and all my Haitians 
Heavy is the weight of your trials and tribulations
A Lot a' Pain, A lot a' Sufferation

Everybody crying cause they aint seeing no pay checks
Sky-Scrappers lookin like some Modern Day Slave Ships
Im in amazement, The Date - Keep Changin'
Its Two Thou -something...Do the still Make Racists?

Yall need Morpheus man, We in The Matrix
Some say -"Money's the only way to escape this"
But Thats crazy, Like waitin' on a Space Ship
only love Can Break these Chains
 and Save Us