Public Service Announcement

by Tyson

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The heart of a warrior, the mind of a philosopher and the soul of a preacher. All of these elements have created one of the most dynamic voices in the world of Hip Hop. Born and raised on San Jose’s East Side, in the Golden State of California, Tyson took to music at an early age. Hip Hop was alive and well and as soon as he was able to, he was break dancing and rapping with his friends on the street. After hours of rhyming and breaking, Tyson’s parents would instill in him a deep love and knowledge of his people, which is constantly present in all his music. These are the makings of the man whose music has inspired his generation. To know tyson is to listen to him and the more you listen to him the more you love him. He has recorded two critically acclaimed solo albums, “Ghetto Messiah” and “Public Service Announcement.” Tyson was also half of the illest hip hop duo (Elevenfiftynine) to hit the scene since Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Black Star. His music has carried him all over the world and into the hearts of many fans. He is our brother, our friend, and a great hope for a new day.


released July 31, 2007

Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by Anas Canon for Remarkable Current



all rights reserved


Remarkable Current Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Public Service Announcement
Public Service Announcement

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Alright ladies and gentlemen
What you about to witness
Is what we call good music
So its alright
Just let your hair back
And let your shoulders loose
And just vibe with us
And just slide with us
And just ride with us
Cause its your brother ty

And we gone do our thing
Yall know I came to do my thing
And im a do my thing baby
Im a do my thing see

Im going to give it to you
Im going to give it to you

Verse 1:

Man see I’m in the place now
To break down
These fake clowns
So everybody break out
And all yall haters yall can hate now
End up face down
When the bass sound
Shakes the ground
Golden state style
Im a bay child
Who aint afraid to smile
Even though this game is going wild
Im a show you how its going down
Im the sign of a changing time
Cause I rhyme with one aim in mind
To shine that devine light of mine
On all of mankind
With these rhymes I’m ging to draw a line in the dirt
You better find where you sit and stand
Cause you looking at a grown man
Whose fully focused fam
On following God’s command
I see the promise land
When I’m standing infront of the mic
Yall can do whatever you like
You aint going to sway me to the left or the right
I walk a middle path of balance
Like El Hajj Malik Shabazz
I move with a team of stallions
Ready to meet your challenge
And off your head

This is my public service announcement
So burn it or word of mouth it
And learn it and then pronounce it
Then turn it and pump it louder

Verse 2:
This is my public service announcement
So burn it or word of mouth it
Cause these suckers are hurting
Hunders of thousands with all that foulness
And I aint one to sit mute
Or sit idle
I spit truth
To hit vital signs
Pumping life through my recitals
Most MC’s are misogynist, homicidal
And the problem is
Young kids idolize their life style
Another generation caught in a downward spiral
So these rhymes are more than punch lines
They for our survival
So I supply you
With the goodness that moves inside you
The music that moves your mind too
Take you to a higher level
Light that fire and inspire you
To try to do better than what you used to do
Cause when its all over and them song are through
And I’m just another dude who used to rap
And you can purchase all my albums at the used racks of the music shops
So when the music stops
I want us to better than what we used to be
It might sound corny
But that’s the real reason why I MC

La la la la la la la
La la la la la la la

This is my public service announcement
So burn it or word of mouth it
And learn it and then pronounce it
Then turn it and pump it louder
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